Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Earn Prizes for Scanning Your Purchases!

I love points systems -- always have. If you want me to do something give me a reward. That's why I love Swagbucks so much. I've done really well with them so I am anxious to see how this new company works. Nielen Homescan will send you a home scanner with which you scan all of the items you buy each week. You will then download this information onto thier website (they send you everything you need to do this). There are no costs to be a part of this panel, however, they do have an application that you must fill out. With each item you buy you will accumulate points. With your points you win prizes, like electronics and household items. I'm really excited to see how this works. Would like to go along for the ride with me? Just click on the icon above to sign up. I don't know how many applicants they are taking, but it can't hurt to sign up and at least be put on the waiting list! Let me know how it works for you and I'll keep you updated about my progress.