Friday, July 24, 2009

New Gift Card on Swagbucks!

Search & Win
This is a really good deal. Right now Swagbucks has a gift card for for $25 -- for only 45 swagbucks. The really good deal is that runs 80% off all the time, making $25 gift card only $2! So, in essence you could get 12 $25 gift cards from with your one $25 gift card for Does that make sense? :) My mother is reading this right now and has no idea what the heck this means. All I'm saying is that for very little swagbucks you can get A LOT of restaurant gift certificates for FREE! It's awesome. If you have no idea what Swagbucks is click on the ad; if you have no idea what is go HERE. (Just recently ran the promotion for 80% using the code NAPKIN -- I just got one yesterday).

***If you are wondering if Swagbucks is worth it, let me just tell you I've gotten over $800 in giftcards and it just keeps coming!!!***


Tonya said...

So I get a GC from Swagbucks,then can use the GC to buy OTHER GC?For real?I had no idea that you could buy a GC WITH a GC.Please email me and let me know if I am understanding this right.Thank you.

candi said...

Just want to make sure everyone is aware that you will actually only get 1 $25 gift card with this deal. I recently did this. Swagbucks takes you to a link for, you enter the code for swagbucks, choose a restaurant and it uses the entire $25 from swagbucks. Still an awesome, awesome deal, but you won't get quite as many gift cards with it as you might have thought.