Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Throw a Party - Double Coupons at Kmart are coming to Indianapolis

YEAH! Thanks to Common Sense with Money I found out the double coupon days are coming to my town. There are so many free items it's amazing! Go to here to see the deals and to find out if your town is participating.

Another Target Deal - Cover Girl Coupon!

Here's a Target store coupon for $1 off Cover Girl. Combined with the manufacturer coupons out lately you might be able to get yourself a good deal! Click here for the coupon.

Deals to Meals

I am continuing with the idea that sometimes we need a little inspiration when we stock up on certain items.
DEAL: This week chicken breast was on sale at Kroger for $1.87 lb.
MEAL: Cracker Chicken Fingers

1lb Chicken breast cup up into "fingers"
1 1/2 sleeves of crushed Ritz crackers coupon here
1 c. flour
2 eggs
splash of milk
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
1 Tbsp. poultry seasoning
1 Tbsp. parsley

Mix flour salt, pepper, poultry seasoning, and parsley together in a shallow dish. Mix eggs and milk together in a separate shallow dish. Place crushed crackers in a third shallow dish. Roll chicken through flour, then egg mixture, then crackers. Place on a greased cookie sheet. Cook chicken at 415 degrees for about 12 minutes.

I like to serve with a variety of sauces. Here are two of my favorites:

Honey Mustard
1/2 cup mayo
1 Tbsp. mustard
1 Tbsp. honey

Blue Cheese Buffalo Sauce
1/3 Blue cheese dressing
1 Tbsp. Frank's buffalo sauce

Free Grapes and Happy Kids!

My kids love grapes that is why I am so excited about this deal. Grapes are on sale for .99 lb at Target this week (which in and of itself is a great deal), but add it with this coupon you get a pound of grapes for free, and I get happy kids!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

CVS - Kind of frustrating today 9/28

I had some trouble using my coupons today. First, they changed their policy and they are no longer allowing you to use more than one CVS $/$$ coupons. I had a $4/20 and a $5/25 neither of which said I couldn't use it with another coupon; I was only allowed to use the $5/25. They also wouldn't let me use all of my $11.99 ECB from the Loreal last week. The cashier said that with all the coupons I was using the system would only allow a maximum of $4 for that ECB. ?!?! I was very confused and tired and didn't feel like arguing, plus I have a gift card from an Rx transfer so I just put the amount on it and walked out. So - I would suggest doing 2 transactions with this scenario. I should have thought more about it, but I didn't realize the scanner at the store was going to print a $5/25, which I was very happy to get!

1 Gillette Fusion razor $9.99

use $4/1 from today's paper

earned $5 ECB

Total cost: .99

1 Cover girl True Blends foundation $5.49 and a Covergirl face product (CG blush $5.99)

use $1/1 from today's paper

use BOGO from today's paper

earn $5.49 ECB

Total: Both FREE plus .49 overage

2 Colgate Total toothpaste $2/5

use $1.50/1 All you coupon

use .75/1 from recent insert

earn $2 ECB

Total: less than .45 for both!

2 Sunsilk hair products $2/7

use 2 $1.50/1

earn $2 ECB

Total: $1 each!

I bought milk for $3.29, too.

Use the $5/25 (hopefully you were able to print yours at the store, too!)

Use 16 ECB's

Earn 14+ ECB's (I would have made more but I needed the milk)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Finding God Over a Cup of Tea

I just spent the last 24 hours with a dear friend of mine. We used to live near each other, but were separated when my husband took a job three hours away. There is something so special about two women spending uninterrupted time together to just talk and listen. It is a very rare and special thing to have a friend that you can be real with, who accepts you whether they agree with you or not, who doesn't compete with you, or try to out do you, and genuinely just likes being with you.
I love that God designed me with the desire and the need to connect with another the way I connected with my friend this weekend. I love that He was a part of our conversation even when we weren't directly talking about Him. I love that He made me female and chooses to reveal Himself through relationships like this. I love that the part of me that longs for uninterrupted time with a friend is the part of me that's just like God. He longs to connect with me the way I long to connect with an old friend. He desires uninterrupted time with me over tea, the same way I desire it. Why? Because the desire that is in me was created from the desire that is in Him.
There is such a great understanding and like-mindedness between two female friends. Not only are we created like one another, but God created each of us like Himself. We both carry the same attributes of God: compassion, attention to detail, nurturing, beauty, emotions, and the list could go and on. While the male - female relationship holds it's own set of amazing characteristics, mostly because we compliment each other with our differences, the female bond tends to have a familiar, comfortable, more vulnerable sense to it because we understand each other through our similarities. Even though God created men and women for one another, I love that He knew women needed each other as well. Just having a male-female relationship won't give you a complete reflection of God. We need a female friendship to understand the longing to belong and to be accepted that is there when find the comfort of a real, true friend. That desire comes from God, because it is in God, and He has that same desire for us. So this is one of those "sit and think, deep thoughts" posts. Think....and then find some interrupted time, with a cup of tea and a dear friend. It is so good for the soul.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Money Maker @ Kroger!

I love making money when I shop! Okay, if you're like me you've got several types of airfresheners waiting to be used because there has been quite a few free deals on them lately. However, this deal isn't just free it makes you money! Here goes:

Buy 2 Glade plug-ins @ $1.79

use BOGO from recent Sunday insert

Kroger will print a "$2.00 off your next order" for each plug in you buy

Totol OOP: $1.79 BUT...

Total Earned: $2.29 Yeah!

Go make some money at Kroger! Don't forget to use your .50/1 Cottonelle toliet paper coupon - after Kroger doubles the coupon it's free!

P&G Coupons in my Mailbox!

I must have filled out a short survey a few weeks ago at the Procter and Gamble website because I got a boatload of coupons in the mail today! Why is this so exciting to me? Well, I somehow missed the last P&G insert in my newspaper and low and behold I got it today in the mail. If your newspaper somehow misses you and you miss out on your coupons, or you just want an extra set of coupons, you can go here to retrieve the P&G Saver booklet.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

15% off Diapers!

Thanks to my friend, Amy you can now get diapers from diapers.com for %15 off plus free shipping by using the code RULER. Go get you some cheap diapers and other baby products! Click here for diapers.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

$3/15 CVS coupon! Whooo Hoo!

Thanks to iheartcvs the rare and hardly ever seen $3/15 coupon has been spotted. Head over there to get yours now! Click here for the coupon.

My new favorite number is 31

I just joined this great company called Thirty-One. I can honestly say they offer some to the cutest, most unique merchandise I've seen in a long time. They have trendy purses and tote bags to cute-as-can be aprons. Almost everything can be embroidered and their fabric patterns are awesome. I always said I would never, ever sell anything, but after looking through their online catalog I couldn't help but want to be apart of their team. The idea behind this company is taken from the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31. They're committed to helping women celebrate, encourage, and reward themselves and others. Go take a look. I promise you will love it! Click here to see more!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

CVS comes through again! 9/21

Even with couple of non ECB's earner I still made some money this week! For those of you just coming to my site, I only get the CVS deals that are Free, absolute rock bottom price, or if I really, really need the item. Check out my scenario:

Loreal Advanced Revitalift wrinkle cream $11.99
use Sunday coupon $3/1
ECB's earned: $11.99
Total cost: Free plus $3 overage!

Addias men's deodorant $4.99
use Sunday coupon $1/1
ECB's earned: $4.00
Total cost: Free plus .01 overage!

Nivea men's body wash $4.99
use Sunday coupon $1/1
ECB's earned: $4.99
Total cost: Free plus $1 overage!

South Beach diet snack bars $2.50
use $2/1 printable
Total cost: .50

Resolve carpet cleaner $3.99 (my son left a nice stain on my new carpet this weekend)
use Sunday coupon $2/1
Total cost: $1.99

Total ECB's used: $18.00
Total OOP: .45
Total ECB's earned: $21.00
Profit: $3.00 Yeah!

If you can get the $2/10 to print this would be an even better deal. I couldn't get it to work this week. See my last CVS post for the link to this coupon.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Double Coupons @ Kmart - Are you one of the lucky ones?

Thanks to CommonSensewithMoney you can find out if your area is one the test area's for the Kmart double coupon event next week. Unfortunately, Indiana is not one of the areas so I will not partake is this awesome freebie celebration. Let me know if your area one of the lucky ones!

This is what you have to do:
1.Go to Kmart Website and the section that shows the weekly sales circular
2.Click on the ad that has the Lego Batman on the front cover (for dates 9/21-9/27)
3.Enter your zip code
4.Go to page #12If your store is participating there should be a big red square advertising the double coupons on that page. If there isn't then you and I better keep our fingers crossed hoping to be the next test area.

Martha Stewart Contest

Martha Stewart is hosting a contest on her website to find a few blogs that she can showcase. Think you want to try it? Click here for details. Can't hurt to try! Who knows maybe you're the next Martha. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kids Shoes for $2.49

I got both of my kids two pairs of shoes today at Kohls. In their kids section they have a shoe clearance where some of shoes were marked down 90%, making them $2.49. I bought my 3 year old son two pairs of sandals for next year (one of which was a leather pair of Oshkosh sandals, the other was a pair of Marvel Spider man sandals that light up - it doesn't get better than that), and I got my 2 year old daughter a pair of leather Carter's sandals and a pair of Totes snow boots (they must have been leftover from last season). Go get some shoes! You will thank yourself next year.

Priorities - Easier Said Than Done

Lately, I have really been struggling with the order and emphasis of my priorities. We all know the big ones: God, husbands, kids. They are so easy to name, but somehow all mix together throughout my day. If I try to do my time with the Lord while my kids are awake there will indefinitely be an interruption involving spilled food, wiping a poopy butt, or screaming for no apparent reason. If I wait until nap time I feel so distracted by the 100 things I didn't get done when they were awake. If I wait until they go to bed to spend time with the Lord, I sit there thinking about how much I need to be spending this quiet time with my husband. Is there any answer to this vicious cycle? I really do not have a good or practical answer to this, but I'm going to try to at least give some tips that might help.

First, find yourself some accountability. Often one person isn't enough. Find a group of women to go through a study with. I am currently doing the Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed study with Beth Moore. I'm in a group with 22 women - talk about a lot of accountability. This keeps in the word, because I know I have to sit with other women, and I do not want to be the only one with an empty book! :) Eventually, you will move from discipline to read the Word, to desiring the Word, to devouring the Word.

Second, make a list of all the things you want to have accomplished in one week. Divide the list up so that you only have to accomplish one or two big things a day. I never try to clean my whole house in one day. I just end up disappointing myself with what I didn't finish, but giving myself the option of just completing one chore; I can get the floors swept and mopped in one day.

Third, the time after your kids go to bed is precious, and definitely spend time with your husband. Feeling guilty about not reading your Bible during this time is not what God would have for you. It is so important for your marriage that you and your husband have quiet, uninterrupted time. However, while it may not be the best time for you to go off by yourself during this time, it is a great time for you and your husband to come before the Lord together for a few moments. But by all means - curl up on the couch - snuggle watch some good TV together, too. You need lots of moments like these.

Finally, guilt is not what the Lord wants you to feel in regards to your relationship and time with Him. Let yourself off the hook from having to have the "typical" sit down alone with lights low, bible, and a copy of "My Utmost for His Highest" in hand. Don't get me wrong that scenario sounds wonderful, but let's be realistic - most of our lives don't allow for this ever day. God has really been teaching me how to have a "relationship" with him rather than "moments". He wants my attention all day long in everything that I do. My old way of thinking told me I had to wait until my "quiet time" to approach God, but I am learning that He wants me to approach Him when I'm cleaning up dishes and when I'm reading to my kids.

I definitely do not have this all figured out - and the beautiful part is I don't have to. As long as my mind is focused on who God is and what he means to me, I will know more tomorrow and hopefully, be a little more like Him in the process.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Photomama (cute name)

Check this new site out for photos! It's been created specifically with Mom's in mind. Plus, you get your first 50 prints FREE and the 4x6's are .08! That's the cheapest I've seen. Pretty cool.

50 Free Prints upon signup

Match a Coupon to a Sale, and an Item to a Recipe

Okay so we all know how to match a coupon to a sale, but what do you do with these items when you get home with them? Here's my new idea: match your sale item to a recipe. Since this is my first post on this topic I'm going to match an item that I got a few weeks ago, but that is on sale quite a bit at Meijer: kielbasa. Two weeks ago Meijer ran the buy one get two free sale so I've got a stock pile of kielbasa in my freezer. Here's the recipe match for this item:

Creamy Bean Soup (It is such a good fall dinner!)

1lb. Kielbasa (sliced in rounds or diced)
4-6 slices of bacon (diced)
2 cloves of garlic (minced)
1 large onion (diced)
4 Tbsp. of butter
32. oz. of Busch's home style baked beans
3 c. half and half

Saute kielbasa, bacon, garlic, and onion in butter until bacon is cooked. Add beans and simmer for 3 minutes over med. to low heat. Add half and half. Increase or decrease half and half for preferred thickness. Serve with corn muffins (I use Jiffy - super cheap)

Tell me what you think!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

CVS - Whew! What a run! 9/14

Okay - GREAT CVS run today! You would have thought the balloons and confetti were coming down when my sister and I printed off the rare and seldomed spotted $4/20 coupon at the CVS store card scanner (we were both able to print one). I was almost moved to tears. :) Here's my scenerio:

St. Ives Body lotion and St. Ives Apricot scrub:both $5.29
use Sunday coupon: $1.00 off St. Ives product
use Sunday coupon: BOGO St. Ives (the coupon actually says Elements products, but they must be the same company or another name for St. Ives bc it worked on St. Ives products)
ECBs: $5
Total: both FREE

Aleve Sinus and Cold: $3.99
use printable coupon: $1/1 here
ECBs: $3.99
Total: FREE plus .99 overage

Excedrin: $3.99
ECB's: $3.99
Total: FREE

Rimmel eyeliner (I needed a $2 filler): 3.49
use Sunday coupon: $1/1
Total: $2.49

In this order use:
$4/20 (recieved this from the store CVS card scanner)
$2/10 here
manufacter coupons

Total OOP: $1.60 something (but I use my CVS gift card from last week)
Check out more deals at thecensiblesawyer's CVS Superstars!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Spinning Turning Thing

Monday is my husband's birthday so I asked my 3 year old son today what he would like to give him. He stopped said, "Hmmm....." with his finger against his chin, and replied, "I think I would like to give him a hat with a spinning, turning, thing on top. Do you think that would make him happy, mom?" I said, "I definitely think that would make him happy." And my son said, "Yeah, Piglet really likes his."

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sometimes I just fail....

Here's my confession: I was a bad mom today. Ever have a day when you just don't like yourself? You are completely sick of the way you are acting, talking, and even thinking? I cannot even tell you what my son did that flipped the trigger in me, but it did and I lost it. He cried, and I cried.

After our emotional scene, we sat together hugging on the floor. I asked his forgiveness, and he so quickly forgave me. How amazing is that? It would have taken me a very long time to get over someone speaking to me the way that I spoke to him today. As I sit here and write I am realizing two important things: 1) If my three year old can forgive so completely, so quickly, how much more does God forgive me? 2) God does not expect me to be perfect - that's why He gives grace. Grace is what will keep my children in His hands - and my little outbursts will mean virtually nothing in the long scheme of things - that is grace.

I spend way too much of my time thinking:
- if could just have the patience of "so and so", my kids would never have to see me "lose it"
- if I were as creative as "her" my kids would think I was more fun,
- or if we could just discipline the way that "they" do my kids would be better behaved.
What I've come to realize it this simple truth: God has entrusted this precious children to me and my husband, but HE NEVER INTENDED FOR US TO DO THIS ON OUR OWN. Patience, creativity, discipline mean nothing if I'm not first giving my children to the Lord every day. I have to be honest, I don't always do this. Sometimes I just fail.....and I will every time when I try to do this without placing these exhausting, amazing, beautiful children in God's hands. By doing this simple action, you can never fail at the most important job we have - parenthood. After a day like today, I need to cling to the truth that these children are His, not mine. When I try to take them from Him, I screw up, and I hurt me, I hurt them, and I hurt the Lord. Today, as I sit and write I give them back, and I ask forgiveness for trying to raise them on my own.

Meet me at Meijer!

I needed to do some grocery shopping for this weekend - and (here's the BIG AND) I was kid free, which means I had the luxury of actually going to multiple stores this morning. I noticed in Meijer's ad this week they were running $10/10 with the 11th item being free. The cool part is, there were some coupon match-ups so here they are:

Hamburger helper (great for when dad's work late): $1.00
Buy 3
use .75/3 from recent insert
Total: .75 each

Green Giant boxed veggies: $1.00
Buy 2
use $.50/2 off Green Giant product from recent insert (coupon will double to $1.00)
Total: .50 each

Combos Pretzels: $1.00
Buy 2
use $1/2 off combos from recent insert
Total: .50 each

Serria Mist soda 2Lt.: $1.00
buy 2
use BOGO coupon
Total: .50 each

I had several coupons so I was able to do these scenarios a couple of times, the 10/10 with 11th free is on any combination of the products, so I was able to get 2 pints of Breyers ice cream FREE! This will be a treat for my husband and I when the kids go to bed tonight!

I would also like to add that Kroger is having an .88 sale this week, which proved to be quite marvelous. :) I will also begin to add some posts that have a little more meat to them. I've been a little distracted by the deals that have been going on lately.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Free Target Run!

So I've never done well at Target with my coupons, but tonight I really hit the jackpot with waffles!!!

Here goes

4 Kashi waffles @ $7.00 total (they were $1.81 &1.69 ea.)

use 2 $2/1 printable coupons here

receive $5 Target gift card when you buy 4 Kashi products

total cost: FREE plus $2.00 overage

1 trial size Dove shampoo @ .99

1 trial size Dove conditioner @.99

use $2/1 coupon from recent insert

total cost: FREE plus .02 overage

1 trail size Tylenol @ .99

use $1/1 printable coupon here

total cost: FREE

I was able to use my $5 gift card on a second transaction for Huggies diaper with a $1/1 coupon. I got a Jumbo pack for less than $16!! Great trip to say the least.

Oh, and by the way, the Kashi waffles are in the frozen organic seciton. I had the worst time trying to find them.

Sinfully Delicious Dip (I really don't know why I'm sharing this one!)

You will love this dip - I promise! It is so good and so easy.

(2) 8oz. blocks of softened cream cheese

(1) pkt. of ranch dressing

(1/2) red pepper diced

(1) 4 oz. can chopped olives

(1) 4 oz. can chopped green chilies (Mexican food section w/ tacos)

(1) 15 oz. can of corn

Mix all ingredients and chill for one hour. Serve with tortilla chips (my favorite chips are the On the Border brand. They are amazing and surprisingly cheaper than most). Enjoy!

Let me know how you like it!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Free Cold Stone!

In this Sunday's paper I saw an add for free 3 0z. ice cream (perfect for kids) on 9/25 from 5-8pm. While it is free any donations will go to the Make a Wish foundation. Go have some fun!

Get a Free Movie Rental 9/8

I love Free stuff - especially free movies. The other big chain movie places are so expensive - almost $5 for one movie! Here's a link to receive a free code (she posts every Monday) for a Redbox movie rental. My husband and I used this for the first time this weekend and it was awesome. So easy and convienient. Give it a try. Tell me what you think!
The Thrifty Mama: Get a Free Movie Rental 9/8

CVS DEALS - I was paid $16 to shop there today!

So I've been doing the CVS thing for quite some time now, but haven't actually posted my deals. I did pretty well this week so I thought this would be a good time to start! I live in Indiana and we have Marsh grocery stores. They had $20 prescription transfers so I used that first today. (CVS accepts competitor coupons - this was for a gift card when I transfer a perscription).

(1) Rightgard extreme deodorant
initial price: $2.89
Sunday coupon: $1.00
ECB earned: $2.00

Total: .11 overage

(1) 6 oz. Chex mix.
intitial price: $1.00
printable coupon (look at moneysavingmom.com): $1.00
Total: FREE

(1) Revlon nailpolish
intitial price: $3.99
Sunday coupon: $1.00
ECB: $3.00
Total: 01. overage

(2) Aussie moist hair products
initial price: $4.98 (for both)
Sunday coupon: $2/1
ECB: $2.00
Total: .98 for both

(1) Loral skin genesis facial cloths
intial price: $5.99
Sunday coupon: $1.00
ECB: $5.99
Total: $1.00 overage

(1) Renuzit Triscents air freshener
initial price: $7.99
Sunday coupon: $4.00
ECB: $3.00
Total: .99

$2/10 CVS coupon from Richmond Parents magazine (go to mommysnacks.blogspot.com)


TAX: .94

TOTAL: $5.30

TOTAL OOP: $0.00

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Target $25 Giveaway (click here)

Head over to the "Saving Some Green" blog and enter the $25 Target gift card giveaway! Is there anything better than Target, really? :)

To nurse or not to nurse....

I nursed both of my kids until they were about a year old. I have to say I loved it, but I know it isn't the same for every woman. I think the most important thing to keep in mind when your just starting to nurse is to just relax. Your baby will get feed. Women have been doing this for thousands of years. I don't know of any baby that starved from nursing. I know my biggest concern was that my baby wasn't getting enough to eat. I was religious about doing 20 minutes exactly on each side. My best advice - let your baby lead the way. He or she knows what they need. Occasionally, you are going to have to wake your baby up because he will want to sleep through the feeding, but overall just let your child guide you. I personally, liked having my kids on a feeding schedule, but other moms nurse when they think their child is hungry. Do what is best for you and for your child. The benefits of nursing your baby far out weigh the negatives so give it all you've got. I promise it will be worth it in the end. Here are just of few of the positives I received from nursing my children:

1. Convenient feedings - no messy bottles

2. Spit up and poops are much less smelly

3. I lost 60 lbs! ( you burn 500 to 1000 calories a day nursing)

4. Bonding with your baby

5. Soooo much cheaper (formula is $26 a can)

6. My 3 year old and my 19 month old have only been to the doctor once for an illness

7. Bigger boobs (who doesn't like that!?!)

Keep trying - don't give up - you CAN do this! Check out my side bar for a FREE nursing kit. It is a great deal.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Free Chicken!

All the Chick-fil-a restaurants in my area are giving away free chicken strips to each customer on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5-8pm! This is a great FREE meal for families. My kids love thier chicken, plus it's a great way to support an awesome Chrisitian company! Enjoy your meals!