Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Go wash your face!

I am not a face washer - never have been. I know it's gross. I admit it. I got to bed with my make up on. I just hate have to turn the water on, wait for it to get warm, get the wash cloth out of shower, find soap, scrub, take the dripping washcloth back to the shower, and then try and find a clean towel to dry my face off with. It is lazy, but it's just who I am - at least I thought it was who I am. Last Sunday during my weekly CVS run I bought Garnier face cleansing towelettes. I was sceptical, but I had a coupon and they got me some ECB's, so I bought them. Well, I am sold. I will never go to bed with make up on again. I love them! No washing, no dripping wash cloth, no waiting for warm water! They take everything off, even mascara! It smells good, and they leave my face feeling wonderful. Really, you need to go and by yourself some. I promise you'll love them.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Enter to win a $25 CVS gift card

If you play the CVS game you will want to enter this contest. Can you imagine what you could do with your EBC's and a $25 gift card!?! Sometime I will explain the CVS game to my readers if there is enough interest. It has changed my life! (okay that's a little dramatic, but it has definately changed our budget) Here's the link: and here's yet another CVS $25 gift card drawing - enter both!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

What's normal anyway?

I have been doing some counseling on the side lately and I currently have a little boy who has explosive temper tantrums. He's been diagnosed with Asperger's disorder, which if you don't know what that is, it's a mild type of Autism. As I sat and watched this very vivacious three year old play computer games (which I am certain my three year would have trouble figuring this out), I wondered - what parts of his behaviors are due to his "disorder" and what parts are just being a typical three year old boy. His parents described him getting upset when he doesn't get his way, not wanting to eat what they give him, throwing fits in the grocery store, flailing his arms and legs when he gets mad, etc. As I listened I began to wonder if I should test my son for Asperger's, because their behaviors are quite similar? Don't get me wrong - I am sure he is quite a handful for his parents, and I don't want to assume I know what they are going through, but I did have to wonder - is it healthy to assume all of what he does is due to this "label" he's been given? Will he now operate under the label "Asperger's" for the rest of his life? What if he hadn't been diagnosed? What if his parents learned to how to respond and deal with his behaviors under the assumption that he was just a challenge? I'm just throwing these thoughts out there today. I sometimes just think that we have become accustom to labeling children because we want a reason for every single problem they might have. Maybe there isn't a reason, maybe God is just trying to teach us something, or maybe it is just the way the kid is - no reason - just a challenge. Anyone else have any thoughts?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm all about FREE!

So here's a coupon for a free McDonald's southern style chicken sandwich. My husband loves these so I will definately be partaking in this deal! Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A new twist on Pizza!

My family loves pizza, but we don't order it very much, for two reasons: 1) I'm from New Jersey (but live in Indiana), so I am a real pizza snob, and 2) it is so expensive anymore. So, I buy a package of pizza crusts (the kind that are already made, usually the knock-off Baboli ones), and I make two different kinds of pizzas.

BBQ Chicken

1 chicken breast (or half can of 12.oz chicken)
1/2 c. sweet BBQ sauce
small red onion
1 c. Swiss cheese

Spread half the BBQ sauce on the pizza crust and mix the other half with the chicken in a bowl. Slice the onion thinly and cook on Med. heat with a little olive oil and butter. Cook until onion turns light brown (caramelizes). Sprinkle onion on pizza, followed by the chicken. Spread cheese on top and cook according to package directions. When it's done sprinkle chopped cilantro on top! It really is delicious!

Buffalo Chicken

1 chicken breast (or half can 12.oz chicken)
1/4 c. to a 1/2 c. Frank's red hot sauce
1 c. mozzarella cheese
1/2 tsp. oregano

Melt a Tbs. of butter with 1/4 c. Frank's sauce. Spread on pizza. Mix chicken with a little hot sauce and than add to pizza. Sprinkle oregano over pizza and then add cheese. Cook according package instructions. Dip in blue cheese or ranch dressing. Fabulous!

I usually serve both of these with a Cesar salad. It's a great, quick, unique dinner. I know your husbands or any men in your life will love it!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Seven years and counting....

It will be seven years ago that I married my best friend. I look at us now and realize what completely different people we are from the two kids that said vows to one another. I am amazed that through all the changes internally and externally in our lives we are even more in love with one another than we were on that special day. If you really stop and think about that, it is truly amazing, and only attainable through God's grace. Even though, I by no means, have this all figured out, I thought I would post some of my "advice" about marriage today. So here goes:

1. Go to bed together.

2. Cook a good meal for him often.

3. Having the house picked up when he gets home from work, really is a big deal.

4. Pray for him daily.

5. Get angry when people are mean to him. :)

6. Occasionally wear something a little revealing to bed (the t-shirts are great, but it gets old).

7. Make his lunch everyday, and leave him a note telling why you love him.

8. Thank him when he does the things that he's supposed to do (like taking out the trash).

9. Ask him if it's okay when you buy something.

10. Tell him something you are proud of or respect him for on a regular basis.

11. Brag about him to your friends (rather than criticise).

12. Pray together (nothing draws you closer).

13. Fight fair - never call each other names and always make up with in 30 minutes (that's our rule).

14. Let him kiss you whenever he wants.

My husband and I are both first born children so we have had our fair share of power struggles, but I can honestly tell you that learning to submit to my husband's authority has been one of the greatest joys I've ever experienced. God does know what He's talking about when he says "wives submit to your husbands." There is so much weight lifted off of me when I hand things over to my husband. Giving the "big stuff" to him allows me to love him and serve my family the way I need to. Seven years later....I am still learning and loving more every day.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I love Pecans!

So one of my all time favorite things to do is caramelize pecans. Okay, maybe not "all-time", but I do love some caramelized pecans, strawberries, feta cheese, and romaine lettuce all topped with my favorite Ken's raspberry pecan salad dressing. It is delicious!

So here it is:
1 c. of pecans
2 Tb. of butter
2 Tb of brown sugar
(these are estimates - I just use what looks good)

melt butter in saucepan. add pecans and brown sugar. stir together and cook over med. heat for about 10 min. you'll start to smell the pecans. let cool completely.

slice strawberries, crumble feta, and place over romaine lettuce. sprinkle your pecans and drizzle with that fabulous ken's raspberry pecan (it's fat free,too!) It really is wonderful. Enjoy!

Great Aldi's deal!

So, I found myself a pick-me-up today. Aldi's has half a dozen roses for $1.49 - yeah! I bough two bunches and it really is amazing how a simple things like roses on your kitchen table can change your mood. Go treat yourself!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Is this it?

Ever since I was a little girl my mother ingrained in me that I would always, no matter what, be able to support myself. "You never know what life may bring you." I can still hear her saying this to me. Some background here - my father left my mother when I was ten. She was alone, having to support two children on her own. She has good reason to be paranoid about life. And so, after slicing a zillion bananas and picking just as many Cheerios up off the floor, I wonder - am I doing the right thing? Should I be home? Is this really what's best for our kids? That's what I'm struggling with right now. And yet - somewhere deep in the core of me - there is this driving force that keeps me going. I know I am created to do this. I have been equipped to handle these children and all of their messes. I think one of the greatest realization I have come to as a mom is this - my love, as deep and vast and unconditional as it my be, IS NOT ENOUGH. Isn't that amazing? Think about it? My love for these children isn't enough. Unless, I asked God to give me His love for these kids, I am going to fail every day. And I do fail. Almost everyday. Here's an excerpt from my journal after I had been home with the kids for two months:

"My patience is wavering. I love my time with both of them but there are days when I can't stand myself. Today I read My Utmost for His Highest and I gleaned so much. Unless I do everything in obedience to God's will, I will waiver in my pursuits. In other words, loving my children and taking care of them out of that deep love isn't enough. The source for what I do cannot come out of my own love, but out of my obedience and love for Jesus. When I become impatient and flustered it is because I am doing things on my own; my love just isn't enough."

So, to answer my question --- yes, this is it. Being home is the hardest, most tiresome, amazing job I've ever had. What are your thoughts?