Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese and Jesus are Not the Same

A few weeks ago my daughter experience one of the most traumatizing moments of her life. She came face to face with what apparently is her worst nightmare --- Chuck E. Cheese. I don't blame her, I have always had a very, strong aversion to any person dressed in a large animal costume. There isn't much else on this planet that makes me more uncomfortable. Anyway, my mom decided to take the kids there one afternoon, and quickly realized by the high, pitch shrills of my daughter that their stay would not last long. For days my daughter told everyone she came into contact with that "I don't like Chuck E. Cheeses. He scare me. I cry at Chuck E. Cheeses." If we passed a Chuck E. Cheese in the car the crying would begin all over again. If Chuck E. Cheese was advertised on television she would inevitably tell you the whole story from start to finish. Needless to say, we will not be going to Chuck E. Cheese for many years to come. The story is cute and funny if you end it there, but my child took it to another level this weekend. My mom was rocking and singing "Jesus loves me" to my daughter before bed. My daughter sat straight up and said. "I don't like Jesus. He scare me." My mom quickly tried to correct her and find out why she would say such a thing. My daughter, as serious as a two year old can be said, "My don't like Chuck E. Jesus, he scare me. He got big eyes!" So, not only has Chuck E. Cheese scared her for life, but now her theology is a mess, too! She now knows Chuck E. Cheese and Jesus are not the same --- and this is now what we hear 40 times a day now. "They not the same, Chuck E. Cheeses and Jesus are not the same."


***Sorry --- No longer available! I guess it ended this afternoon. Bummer.***
Dominos is offering a free medium one-topping pizza with the coupon code BAILOUT. I don't know if this is working in all areas, but this is working in the Indianapolis area for my local readers! Yeah, who doesn't like a free meal? Go HERE to place your order. Fill in the coupon code first and then choose your pizza.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Softsoap Deal at Walgreens

This is a really great deal! I just did it four times! Use a $1/1 off Softsoap body wash (it was in the paper this weekend) and buy one for $3.99 (making it $2.99). Once you buy one, a coupon for a free body wash will print off with your receipt. Use this coupon to buy another one and another free coupon will print off. You can keep rolling this as much as you want. I'm sure this deal will end soon so hurry and get your body wash! Also, if you were able to print the $4/1 coupon for the Glade fragrance collection, combine that with the Easysaver coupon for $2/1 and you get free candles. These are fabulous -- the Macintosh apple smells just like a Yankee candle. Have fun!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Get a Sneak Peak at My New Site!

In the next few months I will be starting a new site....head over to Lila's Pockets to see what I've been up to.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Coffee is My Drug....I'm Always Looking for a Good Deal

I LOVE this deal. I've done it once and tried to do it for my husband but it's only one per household. For $3 you get 3 different 1/2 lb. bags of coffee (there's a ton of fabulous flavors to choose from) and a stainless steel travel mug. We thoroughly enjoyed this coffee in our house. I am sad to be finishing it up. Get yours by clicking on the icon below.

Need to Get in Shape?

Bally's offering a FREE 7 day guest pass right now. Click the icon for yours.


Welch's BOGO Coupon

In my coupons.com side bar (on the left side) there is a new Welch's Aqua Juice BOGO coupon. Combined with a sale this could be a great deal! Plus there was a recent $.75/1 coupon out, too! Use both and get some cheap juice. Print right from the side bar for the coupon.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cheap Quaker Products!

I was so excited to see this deal at Kroger today! I love oatmeal and adore granola bars. I know that was a very passionate statement, but I AM passionate about granola bars! I LOVE them, especially the new Quaker True Delights granola bars. They are really good. So here's the deal:

Buy any 4 Quaker granola bars get $4 off your order, and buy and 2 Quaker instant oatmeal boxes and receive $1 off your order. Here's what I bought:

4 Quaker True Delights granola bars: $2.50 each
use 4 $1/1 coupons from recent inserts (I also had some from previous packages)
Kroger sale:- $4
Total: $.50 each

2 Quaker instant oatmeal boxes: $2 each
use 2 $1/1 coupon from recent inserts
Kroger sale: - $1
Total: $.50 each

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

FREE Salsa!

Being that I have a husband from Texas, Mexican food is a staple in our home. Enjoy a jar of Pace Salsa. HERE is a $4/1 coupon on any Pace product. This should be more than enough to get you a jar of salsa. Be ready to print and you will have to wait a few minutes. It took my printer quite a while (several minutes) to print the coupon. I was able to print several, though. Stay tuned for a great recipe using this type of salsa...

FREE @ CVS and I Didn't Use Any ECB's!

Here's my great CVS deal of the week (that I use absolutely no ECB's for):

2 Post Cereal Trail Mix Crunch: $4.79 each (love this mixed with yogurt!)
CVS sale: BOGO
Internet $2/1 coupon HERE (use two)
Total: less than $.40 a box! (may be even cheaper at your store!)

2 Campbell's soup: $1.69 (great for quick fix meals)
CVS sale: BOGO
Internet $1/2 coupon HERE
Total: less than $.35 a can! (may be FREE at your store!)

Goodies Hair Accessories: clearance @ $1.64

I also use a CVS coupon that printed at the scanner for $5/15 -- so my grand total for all this was.....$0.25 OOOP!

***Also, I was also able to snag some winter "crocs" for my kids for next year. They were 90% off making them only $.99. I can't tell you what a time saver they are!***

Monday, March 23, 2009

Need a Party Favor? Planning a Wedding Shower?

I recently helped plan a brunch for about 45 women. We needed a favor for our guests that didn't cost an arm and leg to purchase. E.L.F cosmetics was the perfect answer. All of their make-up is $1, but with several different coupon codes the deal is even sweeter. We were able to purchase 45 different lip glosses for less than a $1 a piece (including the shipping). This would make a great favor for a wedding shower or a girls' night out party, too. Click the E.L.F. icon abouve to take a look. Here are a few of the coupon codes that are out right now. I'm not sure that you can use more than one in a transaction. If anyone has any luck doing that let me know. Here's what I've found:

-- 50% off orders up to $15 use codes: CARONLINA, RADIO, SHESPEAKS, OR MUMMY (I believe each can be use three times)

-- Free Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder use code: ECBROAZ for Sun Kissed (pinkish bronze), ECBROBZ for Warm Tan (the darkest bronzer), and ECBROCZ for Luminance (light/white shimmer).

-- Buy $10 get a free wristlet use code: ECREDAY; Buy $15 get a free signature case use code: ECREDBY; Buy $25 get a free train case use code: ECREDCY

-- Free Mineral Lipstick with $20 purchase use code: LIPSTICK

-- Receive A FREE Restaurant Gift Card & a FREE Movie Ticket With Any $20 Purchase. Use Code: DINE.

-- Receive A FREE 5 Piece Brush Set With All Orders Of $25 Or More! Use Coupon Code: FREEBRUSH.

-- $2 shipping on any purchase of $25 or more use code: 2SHIP .

Let me know how it works out for you!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New to SWAGBUCKS? I've Got a Code For You!

Search & Win

That's right! I've a code worth 2 points for new members of Swagbucks. If you've been holding out or you've never heard of Swagbucks, now is the time to join. Here's the deal: Swagbucks is a search engine just like Google or Yahoo. You search Swagbucks.com just as you would any other search engine, BUT the difference is you gain points when you search. You earn an average of 2-4 points a day. Once you've earned enough points you can start cashing them in for FREE, yes FREE gift cards. The easiest one to earn is a $5 Amazon gift card (you can do this in about a month), but hold out another month and you can cash in for a $10 Starbucks card. The more points you earn the more cards you can buy. They've got gift cards to places like Target, Ticketmaster, Victoria's Secret, Apple, Lowe's, Airlines, and so many more! My husband and I are about to use our points to see the Broadway show Jersey Boys! Here's another added bonus: if people sign up under you you gain their points, too (up to 100).

Once you sign up email a link to all your friends (you'll find this under the "promote" section in your account). So, go HERE to sign yourself up -- you earn 3 points for signing up and then an additional 2 points for using the code:

LIZZYLANGUAGE (this is case sensitive).

After you've become a member just click on the grey box under your name with your points in it. This will take you to a page that will allow you to type in the code. In all, you will get 5 FREE points, plus whatever else you can earn today. Hurry though, this code expires on Wed. @ 12am PST. Believe me, you want to take part is this -- no scam, just FREE gift cards for searching.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coupon Roundup!

Here are some great sites that I get lots of coupons from. Some of them you can print directly from the site and others will send you coupon booklets in the mail.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

To My New Jersey Readers....

I debated about not even posting this deal out of sheer bitterness that I cannot take part in it simply because I live NO WHERE near real Italian water ice! Okay, so I am still a little bitter, but for those of you who know me...my East Coast food addiction only starts with Italian water ice (Wawa, Philly cheese steaks, real hoagies, Tasty Kakes, Mack and Mancos....oh I could go on and on...I even like just typing out these foods). Okay, anyway, so here is the deal: tomorrow, 3/20/09, Rita's Italian Water Ice is holding a First Day of Spring Giveaway, which means that if you stop by any Rita's from 12pm to 10pm you will receive a FREE 10oz. cup of Rita's! Someone please get a half cherry half lemon (with the lemon on the bottom), for me! Enjoy this one.
Go HERE to find a location near you (not near me)!

Two Blog Awards

I recieved two blog awards this week...the first one is from The Sensible Momma at Saving Cents with Sense:

This award was giving to me for being a site that shows gratitude! So, thanks to The Sensible Momma for giving me this award! Go check out her site she updates all the time...with great information.

The second award was given to me by Sarah at Devastate Boredom for being a creative blog.

Thanks for this award, Sarah! Check out her site I think she may be an even bigger LOST fan than me!

Freebies at Target!

Checks these deals out this week:

Dodge & Sutton Beef for Stew @ $1.99lb ($2.47)
use this Target $2/1 coupon HERE
Total: $.47
***makes great vegetable stew***

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish $1.66
use this Target $1/1 (no longer available for print)
Total: $.66 each

Individual Artisian Bread loaves $.99
use this Target $1/1 coupon HERE
Total: FREE
***would be a perfect complement to some vegetable stew!***

Mott's 6pack applesauce: $1.69
use this Target $1/1 coupon HERE
use this Internet .55/1 HERE
Total: $.14 each

Coffee-mate Creamer $1.69 (these are FREE @ Meijer this week!)
use this Internet $1.50/1 coupon HERE
Total: $.19

Yet, another fabulous trip to Target!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

SWAGBUCKS Surprise Coming Soon!

Search & Win

I've been contacted by Swagbucks and I wanted to let you know, we are teaming up to give you a great surprise! I can't tell you what it is yet, but keep checking back to see what we've got in store for you! To learn more about this amazing way to earn high value gift cards just for using swagbucks as your search engine go HERE. Stay tuned....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Deals to Meals: $.73 Chuck Steak @ Target

Whoa...I haven't done a Deals to Meals post is quite some time. I apologize, but honestly there haven't been deals like this in a while. It has come to my attention that some may not know exactly what to do with the almost FREE chuck steak from Target this week. Here's one of favorite recipes:

Chuck Steak Italian Style

2lbs. chuck steak
1 envelope of onion soup mix
1 can peeled tomatoes
1 tsp. oregano
1/2 tsp. pepper
Garlic to taste
2 Tb. oil
worcestershire sauce to taste

Put oil in pan. Place meat in oil and cover with remaining ingredients. Simmer on low for 1 1/2 hrs. I usually serve this over mashed potatoes. It's delicious!

Shopping is So Much Fun When it's FREE!

I had two hours this morning to get a little shopping done. Here's what I came away with:


2lbs.+ of Sutton & Dodge Chuck Steak: $2.73 ($1.99lb)
use Target $2/1 coupon HERE
Total: $.73

Motts individual applesauce: $1.69
use Target $1/1 coupon HERE
use Mott's $.55/1 coupon HERE (you can print this twice)
Total: $.14 (I bought two)

Coffee-mate Creamer: $1.69
use $1.50/1 coupon HERE (you can print this twice)
total: $.19

Trip total: $1.20


Quaker rice snacks: $.99
use $1/1 coupon from recent insert
Total: FREE (I bought four)

Poptarts: $1.67
use $1/1 peelie found on box
Total: $.67

Trip total: $1.34


Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner: $2.88 each
use CVS $3/2 CRT
use $3/2 coupon from recent insert
ECB's earned: $2
Total: FREE, plus $2 overage!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Attention Gardeners!

Mom, this one's for you! I am not a gardener. I wish I was, but I'm just not. I'm currently trying to con my mother into doing my landscaping. I will shamelessly use my children to do this, too. She's already agreed to plant a vegetable garden for my son, so we are on our way! Home Depot just put out a BOGO coupon for bulbs. Go HERE for the coupon as well as some other good deals. (Mom, feel free to use this for the "little" garden you are doing at our house).

New Swage Code!

Search & Win

Swagbucks just put out a code for the first 5000 people to find it. Go HERE for the code. If you are new to the the idea of swagbucks go HERE to learn more. It is fabulous! Currently, I have enough points to fly my family somewhere tropical, or see several Broadway shows, or practically buy an entire Target store, and the list goes on....It really is worth looking into.

One of Life's Ridiculous...

In describing my blog I say something to the effect that we will dive from life's most serious issues to the ridiculous, because so often that's the way my day falls. Well today here is one of the ridiculous (sorry if this is offensive to some -- we use the anatomically correct names for body parts with our children):

My daughter (just turned 2) and I were putting together a Disney Princess puzzle. She would pick up a piece and I would ask her what piece she was holding. For example, she would have a piece of red hair and say "Ariel". So, she picked up another piece and I asked her what she had, and she responded very enthusiastically, "I've got Cindabella's bagina!" Sure enough, she had a piece of Cinderella from the waist down. Kids can be so literal. I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time.

My Loyalties Have Just Been Challenged

So I went to Walgreens today. Before you go in know this: there is an Easy Saver catalog in the front of the store. These are filled with IVC's (instant value coupons) that you only need to use one of no matter how many of the products you buy. These are store coupons so you can stack them with manufacture coupons. I have to say, it's been a while since I've had a coupon high like this! Walgreens is now on my radar. CVS better start coming up with some good deals or I may just switch my loyalties. Here's what I got

2 Coffee-mate creamers - $2.49 BOGO
use 2 $1.50/1 coupons HERE
Total: FREE with $.51 overage!

2 Garnier Fructis hair products (shampoo & conditioner): $2.99
use the IVC $2/1
use 2 $1/1 coupons from recent insert
Total: Both FREE!

2 Glade Scented Oil Lasting impression: $7.99
use $4/1 IVC
use $4/1 coupon from recent insert
use this BOGO coupon HERE
Total: FREE with $4.00 overage -- just buy this to make the money!
2 Glade Sense and Spray
use $4/1 IVC
use $4/1 coupon from recent insert
use this BOGO coupon HERE
Total: FREE with $4.00 overage!

**Rapid Rewards will print you off a $10 coupon for your next purchase at Walgreens (when you purchase $25 of Kimberley Clark products)** Here's the scenerio:
2 Huggies package of diapers: $10.00 ea.
1 Huggies package of wipes $6.00
use 3 $5/1 off from my side bar (you may only be able to print two, if you didn't print them earlier, in which case print the $3/1 coupon)
Total: $1 (if you subtract the $10 that you made!)

Grand Total: $3 + tax OOP, but you get $10 back so you make $7! Amazing!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Welcome Walgreens...

Okay, I know this is going to SHOCK some of you, but I am foregoing CVS this week and trying out the Walgreens thing. My plan is to get free shampoo and conditioner, get paid for coffee-mate creamer and Glade air fresheners, and pay nothing for diapers! Since I NEVER post a scenario that I haven't tried myself (I hate getting peoples hopes up if something doesn't work out). So, I will be going tomorrow...stayed tuned and I'll let you know how it goes.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

High Value Huggies Coupons!

*** ATTENTION: These coupons have been reset, which means you can print two of each of again!***
I had to post these coupons because you so very rarely see them for such high values! Go to my side bar for a $5/1 and a $3/1 Huggies diapers coupons. You can print each coupon twice.

Ridiculous Prices on Shoes!

Sorry I've been MIA for the last couple of days. My mom has our kids so my husband and I have been focused on one anther. :) However, yesterday we went to Stein Mart and they were having a ridiculous sale on shoes! A huge selection of their spring/summer shoes were %75 off - they must be from last season. I got a pair of black, patten leather Liz Claiborne sandals ($54 regularly) for $12! So, if you need some new shoes for the upcoming season, head over to Stein Mart. There was a pretty crazy sale in their bedding section as well.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Free Magazine Subscriptions

I'm going on a long airplane trip soon so I thought some magazines might come in handy. If you buy them at the aiport they are like $5 a piece so I thought I'd do a post on some free ones that are out there right now.

That's what I've got for now! There may be more to come...

A Compromise...Large and Small

I think I will go with Large for most things, small for the longer posts. Thanks for comments! Who knew anyone would have an opinion? :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

I Know This Seems Ridiculous...

Okay, I can't decided between the large and small font...could someone please give me thier opinon on this matter....

Large or Small

FREE Popcorn!

Go HERE for a coupon to get a FREE large popcorn at any AMC theater. Considering the last movie I saw in the theater was Chronicles of Narnia, I'm not sure how soon I'll be partaking in this deal. But, hopefully, some of you will be able to enjoy this great deal!

Lizzy's Language is Unstable Today

Not sure what the problem is -- until I can figure it out, just click on the Lizzy's Language box on the side and it should take you to the homepage. Hopefully, I can get this work out. Let me know if you still have trouble! Thanks.

--Okay, nevermind, the post before this just didn't want to be first. Now that I have this post everything seems to be working fine. -- Technology!!! agh.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Good Choice; Bad Choice

Life is all about choices. I've been thinking a lot about this lately. The direction our lives go have so much to do with our choices and the choices of the people closest to us. Good choice = reward; Bad choice = consequence. At least that's what we try to teach our children (we do a little thumbs up; thumbs down routine - it's cute - you have to see it, I guess). Oh man, if it were only that simple, right? The problem is that as life gets more complicated so do our choices. Choices affect not only us, but the people we love, and ultimately our relationship with God. They affect not only the present moment, but our futures as well. Then there are always those times in our lives when we are questioning the choices we made, wondering what life might have been like if we'd made a different choice. Here's what I've come to understand about choices. God does have a best for us. He does have a plan and purpose, and we do have to choose this. In saying that, one wrong choice, however big it may be, does not keep God from doing something awesome in your life. Whether your choice ended with a baby, a divorce, or great pain for someone you love, it does not mean it's the end all for God's plan in your life. Don't get me wrong -- there will be consequences for sin, but God does not just leave you there to wander aimlessly just because you took a turn off of his "original" plan for your life. I can tell you from experience, that God can take the most incredibly painful situation and actually have you come to a place where you thank Him for allowing it to happen in your life. It may not happen for many, many years, but what was once a sharp detour off the path of God's will has somehow miraculously become God's best for your life. Here's the part to remember --- after a "bad" choice has been made there must be a "good" choice to follow it. The only way to experience God's best in your life is choose to walk back to the path God has for you -- it may look different than before, but it is still there, nonetheless. If you are someone suffering the consequences of someone else's "bad" choice, choose now to follow after God and His faithfulness. He will redeem your situation, but you must choose to follow Him rather than your own anger and bitterness. I am thankful for the paths God has taken me down -- pain and peace -- hurt and joy -- confusion and clarity -- my choice is Him, no matter what the crossroad, my choice is clear because He has been faithful time and time again. Whatever your choice has been in the past; choose Him now. He will redeem it all.