Tuesday, March 24, 2009

FREE @ CVS and I Didn't Use Any ECB's!

Here's my great CVS deal of the week (that I use absolutely no ECB's for):

2 Post Cereal Trail Mix Crunch: $4.79 each (love this mixed with yogurt!)
CVS sale: BOGO
Internet $2/1 coupon HERE (use two)
Total: less than $.40 a box! (may be even cheaper at your store!)

2 Campbell's soup: $1.69 (great for quick fix meals)
CVS sale: BOGO
Internet $1/2 coupon HERE
Total: less than $.35 a can! (may be FREE at your store!)

Goodies Hair Accessories: clearance @ $1.64

I also use a CVS coupon that printed at the scanner for $5/15 -- so my grand total for all this was.....$0.25 OOOP!

***Also, I was also able to snag some winter "crocs" for my kids for next year. They were 90% off making them only $.99. I can't tell you what a time saver they are!***


Eileen said...

Ring Around the Blogs! I like your site too - thanks for posting the price on the Campbell's soup. I was wondering what the price would end up being after coupons.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Very nicely done... and ppl doubt the power of coupons... *shakes head ruefully* :P

Jennifer, A Self-Confessed Foodie said...

I'm here from Ring Around the Blogs. You got an incredible deal! I haven't been to CVS yet this week but now I really want to go!

Debra said...

Hi....just thought I'd stop by from Ring around the blogs.

I haven't gotten into CVS shopping yet....but I might just have to especially with Walgreens supposedly changing things up. I'll have to come and visit again.

Shannon said...

And did you know that the fleece is removable from the "crocs", so they can be used for summer too!

Anonymous said...

I purchased two boxes as promised for $0.79 total, but this cereal is more like dessert. It boasts 180 calories with 10g of sugar for 1/2 cup. Yikes!

Still, it will come in handy as a snack while at events or outings.

Thanks a whole "trail mix" bunch! :D

Anonymous said...

Winter Crocs were only 25% off, but now I'll know to be on the lookout.