Saturday, January 31, 2009

Free Lemon Cranberry Squares!

I just ordered myself a box of lemon cranberry squares from Amazon. Click HERE for the scoop on this deal. Make sure you sign up for the Subscribe and Save to get free shipping and you get $19 worth of product for FREE! You will receive a confirmation email and you can just go to the link for "my accounts" to cancel the Subscribe and Save immediately without effecting your order. I did it and it worked perfectly with my total being $0.00 -- can't be that!

My House Unplugged

I've been wanting to try this experiment out for some time now, but the cost of our last utilities bill is what finally drove me to do something. I can't even type out what the numbers are for our last bill because I might just throw up right here on my computer screen. We need to do something to bring the cost down, and going around shutting lights off obviously isn't enough. I am trying an experiment that I've heard several people have tried recently and had great success. Every electrical outlet in our home has now been unplugged and will only get plugged in when we need to use that particular appliance. Every lamp, TV, and appliance is now cut off from their power source. I did leave some clocks plugged in and the lamp by our bed because the outlet is behind the bed, but I even unplugged our washer and dryer and coffee maker. From what I've been told the results of doing this are dramatic so I want to give it a try for the month of February. I'll let you know what the cost difference is from the month of January to the month of February and you can decide if this is something you'd like to try in your home. If you've already tried this I'd like to hear how it affected your family and if it made a difference. Here's to life unplugged!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Fulfillment Is Not Just About Passion

So I'm watching Oprah today and she makes the statement, "Find what you are passionate about and figure out a way to make money doing it. This is how you will have a fulfilling life." Wow. Pretty simple, I guess. Yeah right. If you are fortunate enough to really figure out what you are passionate about, and if you can actually figure out a way to make money doing it -- this might be possible. Part of my problem is that my passions change. I'm in social work. I thought this was my passion, and slowly it just became my job. I don't know if this was my own fault or just life. Sometimes I think that when we actually get paid, and have expectations placed on our passions -- we lose the "passion" in all of it. For example, I love to write. I have always loved it. I love the feeling of formulating my thoughts in such a way that it moves whoever is reading it. I love the feeling of finishing something I've written, reading back over it, and feeling like I have conveyed exactly what is in my head and my heart. But, I wonder if I would have the same excitement if it was expected because their was a paycheck waiting for me? Sometimes I think our passions just come out of who we are, and we can't help but do them. Our jobs are what we make money at. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are tons of people out there that truly feel that they are getting paid for their passion, and that's amazing. However, for those of us that don't --- it's okay. I know lots of people who live life thinking they've made some huge mistake because the career they've chosen isn't their "passion." Let it go. Maybe you aren't supposed to be "fulfilled" by making your passion your job. Maybe, just maybe --- you have this passion to help others or make a difference with no strings attached -- just because you love doing it. Passion does not always equal our source of income, and that is perfectly okay. I never want to limit myself to only being able to find my fulfillment in one area of life. I am way to complex a person to say that my job or even my passion fulfills me.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Swag Code!

Search & Win

I don't know how long it will last, but here's a code for 1 swagbuck: BeMine (as always it is case sensitive so make sure you type it exactly as you see it). Have fun! I've already got enough swagbucks to get a $100 Ticketmaster gift card. Talk about a great date night! If you want to know more about swagbucks go HERE.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some Unadvertised Target Deals!

Ocean Spray $1.99
use Target coupon HERE $1/1
use $.55/1 from recent insert
Total: $0.44

Strawberry Cheesecake Yoplait Yogurt $0.14
use Target coupon HERE $1/8

use $1/8 from recent insert
Total: FREE with $0.88 overage!

Select Lean Cuisine entrees $0.74
use Internet coupon HERE $1/2
Total: $0.48 for both!

Ragu pasta pouches $0.87
use $.75/2 from recent insert
Total: $0.99 for both!

Kashi cereal bars $2.75
use $2/1 Internet coupon HERE
Total: $0.75

Digornio Pizza $3.99
Get a FREE Coke product 2Lt. ($1.43)

Fiber One Yogurt multi-pack $1.18
use Internet coupon HERE $1/1
Total: $0.18 for six!

Cheesecake Factory Pumpkin Cheesecake Reg. $16.99 Sale $4.98

**Please note that most of these items were placed at the end of the isles in clearance sections (even the frozen stuff). Your store may or may not have these items for sale.**

I'm Out in the Snow!

Today is a real snow day. We got 12 inches of snow and I will be out with my kids making snow angels, sledding, and possibly a snowman. Hopefully, some posts will come out of today, but I make no promises! Be back soon though.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

CVS Deals - I'm Gonna Have Great Looking Hair!

Just returned from CVS and I am really excited about my new hair products (its the little things in life). Here's what I got:

2 packages of Huggies $10.00 each
use $2/1 recent coupon
use $1.50/1 recent coupon
ECB's earned: $5
Total: $5.75 each

5 Pantene expressions shampoo & conditioner $4.99 each
use 3 $2/1 recent coupons
use $3/2 recent coupons
ECB's earned: $15 ($3 each)
Total: $0.95 for all three!

Sure deodorant $1.99
use today's $1/1 coupon
Total: $0.99

2 Mentos gum BOGO $1.69 each
use $0.55/1 recent coupon
Total: 0.57 each

I had a $10/50 from last week and used about $24 in ECB's, but I got back $20 in ECB's. Any trip with free diapers is a success in my book!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Free Coffee @ Panera on Wed. 1/28

Thanks to one of my readers, I was informed that Panera Bread is starting a new coffee roasting process, and in celebration they are giving out free cups of coffee on Wednesday 1/28 -- for my fellow addicts, this should make your day!

Bitter-Sweet Birthdays...

Today is my daughter's second birthday....bitter-sweet, right? I love watching her grow, but hate it all the same. I'm doing exactly what every mother does on their children's birthdays....going back in time and reliving every second of her birth. I truly LOVED every moment of my children's birth experiences, honestly. Now, don't get me wrong --- I wasn't a hero -- I had the big 'ole needle in my back that took all the pain away. :) I won't get into a discussion about which way is better, but for me it was wonderful. I'll never forget the moment they laid my little one on my chest. My husband and I both wept. I'm not sure why we were so emotional with our second child. Maybe we were more relaxed, maybe because she was a girl, maybe because we knew how incredible parenting was ... who knows. But today my little tiny princess is two, and I'm happy and sad all at the same time. Time goes by so quickly, and I realize this more each and every day. Today she is wearing a fairy princess costume, and before I know it will be a wedding dress. I'm just struck with how little time I have to influence, shape, mold, and teach this tiny replication of myself. If I dwell on this thought for too long I become overwhelmed and begin to feel so ill equipped. I've said this before on here, but I cannot love her and mother her without the lifesaving power of my Heavenly Father. I can try and do okay --- but she will never be the woman she was created to be unless I lay all my desires, concerns, dreams, and my love for her into my Fathers arms. She is His....and I get to be His hands in her life. What an amazing and terrifying privilege.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Free Turtle Chex Mix!

Click the image and sign up to get a free sample of Chex turtle mix! It is really good. Hurry it won't last long!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Poop....Such a Distinct Smell

My two year old daughter is just about potty trained. We were at the grocery store, and she told me she had to go poopy. I asked if she could wait just a few minutes, and she said she could (mistake #1: Never trust a two-year-old's judgement on time). Once we got home I had forgotten about her having to go, and I began to put the groceries away. The next thing I knew she was running, with her pants around her ankles, screaming "I gotta go poopy!" I could tell she had pooped, but I couldn't seem to find it anywhere. I just assumed she hadn't really gone yet, so I stuck her on the toilet and cleaned her up. I went back to the kitchen and finished putting the groceries away. I still smelled pooped. I looked everywhere and couldn't find it. I figured it was just lingering from before, but it wouldn't go away. Several more minutes went by and the smell was as strong as ever. I was going crazy trying to find the source of the mysterious poop smell. Finally, my three-year-old son came into the kitchen and said, "Mommy why is there poop on the top of your shoe?" I looked down, and sure enough there was a decently large piece of poop just sitting on the top of my shoe. Ah, the joys of motherhood.


Search & Win


Here's a free swag code: BeRewarded (copy exactly as it is written). To learn more about swagbucks see my previous post HERE. I've still got a $50 GAP gift card, and I'm looking forward to $100 to Target!

Almost Free Gillette Razors and Shampoo!

UPDATE: Even Better Deal! Next week (1/25) at CVS Gillette razors are $7.99 with $4 in ECB's returned. Gillette shampoo and conditioner are $4.99 with $3 in ECB's returned. So, use your $4/1 with the "get a free shampoo coupon" and you get the razor and the shampoo free, plus CVS pays you $3 in ECB's! Great deal!

Also, if you have the $2/1 Gillette shampoo coupon from shortcuts you can do this same deal at Kroger and get paid about $2 to buy both products.

The Gillette Fusion Power razor is being discontinued so you will find these marked way down. At Kroger they are $4.76 and at CVS they are $6.00, combine this with a $4/1 coupon and the "buy a Gillette razor get a Gillette shampoo free" coupon and you get a really great deal! Has anyone else seen these marked down somewhere?

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Fish and Gingerbread Sandwich Was Delicious Today!

You heard me correct. My son made me a fish and gingerbread sandwich this morning. It was fabulous. I have to admit something -- this has not been one of my best "mom" weeks. I've been selfish, distracted, irritable, and just plain difficult. Unfortunately, my children have taken the brunt of it. Rather than taking time to focus on them and all their needs, I've just been getting by with meeting their immediate needs. The weeks where my children are the worst behaved and most disobedient are the weeks when my attention is not focused on them. Don't get me wrong -- there are legitimate things I need to do and there are times when my kids need to understand how to entertain themselves, but I pushed it too far this week. Each time I pushed them away to do what I thought needed my attention more, the guilt set in. Today we put all things aside and from the moment we woke up the day was about us spending time together. We sat and ate breakfast together and then watched some cartoons. After that we played restaurant (which is where I had my delicious sandwich) for at least an hour and then built towers with Lego's. We went out to lunch and colored the whole time. You know what was amazing, we had no behavior issues, no disobedience, no ungratefulness -- just pleasant, cheerful children. Obviously, not every day can be like this, but a part of every day should be like this. We have this one chance to be the most important influence in our children's lives, and if I can't make time for them when they are 2 and 3, what makes me think I will when they are 15 and 16? And if I can't influence them now, I'm certainly not going to be able to in another 10 years. How about you? When was your last fish and gingerbread sandwich?

Friday, January 16, 2009

90% of on Hickory Farms

Thanks ThriftyMama for making me aware of this deal. There are lots of items at the Hickory Farms website that are 90% off and if you use the coupon code clipper you'll get an extra 15% off on top of that. There are gift items priced as low as $3! If you are planning a get together or have to bring an appetizer to a party this would be a good time to buy. Let me know how you do!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cellfire Has New Coupons!

Just wanted to let those of you know who use Cellfire (online coupon source you load to your Kroger affiliate cards), has uploaded a lot of new coupons. When you purchase the product and use your Kroger card it will be automatically deducted from your total. The best part is you can use manufacturer coupons with these coupons. Sometimes you can get a really great deal! Load up! Click the image to go straight to Cellfire.

Another FREE Swagbuck

Search & Win

Go today only: there is another FREE swagbuck's code. Type in GreenThursday, exactly as you see here (sorry about my last post; I know there was confusion). You will receive one swagbuck. Go to "your swag bucks" and type it in the text box with the word "gimmie" next to it. Have fun! I just scored two $20 Target gift cards in about one week's time! This is awesome. If you haven't heard of swagbucks go to this post HERE. Click the above banner to go to swagbucks.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coupon for a Free bottle of Suave!

I am not a huge fan of Suave hair products but I love their kids stuff, which is also good for this deal. Register HERE and get a coupon for a free Suave product mailed to you!

Some Free Samples

Get a free sample of a Nurti-Grain bar HERE

Get a free breastfeeding support kit - there are Great!

Request a $10 coupon booklet focused on eating healthier:

Ever wondered how much you walk in a day? Get a free pedometer here:


I am back from vacation and just made a run to CVS. I didn't really see any great ECB deals this week so I just got some things we needed, but I found that they were having some great sales, too! Here's what I got:

Gillette Power Fusion Razor: $6.00 (Reg. price $14.99)
Gillette men's shampoo: $5.99
use "buy a razor; get a free shampoo" recent coupon
Total: $6.00 for razor and shampoo

2 Gillette Mac 3 disposable razors: $7.99 $3.99 (BOGO 50% off)
use BOGO coupon from recent insert
Total: $3.99 for both

2 Johnson's Reach dental floss: $1.99 and free (BOGO)
use 2 $1/1 coupons from recent insert
Total: both FREE

I got a couple of other things that were on clearance, which will differ from store to store. Now is a great time to get some things you need especially if you have a stock pile of ECB's left over from the Christmas sale.

Love and Relaxing, Love and Reality: Two Different Animals

Well, I'm back from vacation with my husband - IT WAS AMAZING! This beach girl lost a little bit of loyalty to the beach. The mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe were breath taking. They were a visable example of God's Greatest. I tried skiing and I emphasize tried. After getting off the ski lift I fell and then about 100 yards later began to cry and begged to take my skiis off and walk the rest of the way down. My husband, of course, did not let me do this. He was so patient with me - I said every other second that as soon as I made it down the moutain he would NEVER see me in another pair of skiis again. Needless to say, after may bruises and falls, I did make it and I will never do it again. But --- I can now say I have skied and it was horendous. I did love the snow, sledding, the cabin, the views, and everything else about our time away, though.

My husband and I were able to connect in a way that we haven't done in a long time. We were totally focused on one another, care free, stress free, and kid free! I fell in love with him 100 times in those five days. He looked more handsome to me than ever before, with his messy ski hat hair, and big snow boots. We flirted and joked and just reveled in one another. Easy to do when you are that relaxed and enjoying your surroundings as much as we were.

It wasn't until we got home that I realized how much I love this man that I married. Coming back to reality is always stressful and depressing. We went to bed late the night we returned, and both had to go to work the next day. Kids needed to be dressed, breakfast needed to be on the table, back packs needed packing, hats and gloves needed to be found, and I just wasn't ready for this to be my reality yet. I stood in the garage and watched my husband buckling our daughter into her seat, and I realized that I was even more in love with him now than I was over the last five days. I love that my reality is with him. Don't get me wrong, I loved our relaxation time together, but the relaxatioin will always end and their will always be reality. How thankful I am that I am married to a man that I can love just as much in the realities of life as in the relaxations of life. How about you? How are you doing in loving your spouse in the realities of life?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Swagbucks code for 1 Free Swagbuck!

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Hey all my swagger friends! Here's a free code for one free swagbuck: freeswag

Just go to the "your swag bucks" section and there is a place to type it in. If you are new to swag bucks go to
HERE to learn more.

HERE to get started with Swagbucks
My husband I are taking a vacation to Lake Tahoe tomorrow morning! I am so excited I can't stand myself. If you know me, the mix of snow, cold weather, skiing, and no beach do not usually equal a vacation for me. I am broadening my horizons, plus it's free (thanks to our wonderful friends, Jon and De). It is also KID FREE - do I sound too excited? I love my children more than anything on this earth (besides my husband), but I am in DESPERATE need of a break. My amazing sister and brother-in-law and my parents are stepping in to care for our children. So not only do we get to get away, but we get to do stress free because our children are with family. What a blessing! All that to say: I will be MIA for the next few days. Get some good deals while I'm gone, spend alone time with your husband this weekend, and play with your children. I'll tell you all about it upon my return. Here are some cool contests and deals I came across that I thought might be interesting:

Monday, January 5, 2009

Great Contest!

If you're planning a wedding this may be the perfect contest for you! Give it a try!

Free Kitchen Idea Book

Get a free kitchen idea book from this site. Hurry these go fast!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I just got a $50 GAP Gift Card -- Here's how you can too!

I have posted this site before, but I finally got my first pay off from it. Swagbucks is a search engine just like Google or Yahoo, but you get points for using it. The more points you earn the better prizes you get. I have only been with Swagbucks for a month and I already earned a $50 GAP gift card -- just for using their search engine. It is awesome! You've got to try it. You can earn gift cards to Target, Starbucks, Macy's, GAP, Southwest, Jetblue, and so much more. There are no strings attach just search with them like you normally would and earn prizes. Click HERE or the above picture for the link.

Great week @ CVS!

I thought this was a great week at CVS. I got a lot of things I needed as well as some fun treats for myself!

Garnier Fructis styling mousse: $2.99

use $1/1 coupon from this Sunday's paper

ECB's earned: $2

Total: FREE!

Cottonelle 20pk. Toilet Paper: $12.97

use any recent coupons (I use a catalina for .75/1 from my Kroger)

ECB's earned: $4

Total: $8.23!

2 Ziploc freezer bag 2pks (4 total): $5.99

used BOGO HERE and the recent $1/1 coupon (make sure you give this one first)

ECB's earned: $4 total

Total: .50 each

Nasogel nasal spray: $7.99 (limit 2 - be sure to do it twice to make twice as much!)

use $2/1 HERE

ECB's earned: $$7.99

Total: FREE with $2 overage! ($4 overage if you do it twice)

Children's throat cooler ice pops: $4.99 (buy 6 if you can)

use 3 BOGO coupons HERE

ECB's earned: $4.99 ($24.95 with a limit of 5)

Total: FREE, plus $9.98 overage!

Hershey's holiday kisses bags: $.75

use recent $1/1 coupon

Total: FREE with .25 overage!

Select Loreal Double extender mascara (75% off): $2.00

use this Sunday's $2/1 coupon

Total: FREE

Loreal single eye shadows BOGO: $4.49

use $3/1 from this Sunday's paper

use $1/1 from recent insert or this Sunday's $2/1 (will give overage)

Total: .49 for both or Free with .51 overage!

***There is all kinds of makeup and candy marked way down! You can find some great deals with your coupons. What were you able to find at your store?***

Friday, January 2, 2009

Cheap Ben and Jerry's Icecream!

I almost didn't even bother with this one because I am trying to give up sweets for the month of January, but I figured it was cruel to deprive my readers of such a good deal. So, here it is --- if you go HERE you can sign up for a $3/1 pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Depending on the sale and store you can get these really cheap or free! I was able to print two coupons (I'm gonna let my husband them).

Load the New E-Coupons!

If you have a Kroger, Dillons, Highlander, or Safeway you can load some ecoupons to your card. The new coupons just came out so load up! Remember you can combine ecoupons with paper coupons so it can come out to a really good deal! Click on the images below to go directly to the sites: