Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Almost Free Gillette Razors and Shampoo!

UPDATE: Even Better Deal! Next week (1/25) at CVS Gillette razors are $7.99 with $4 in ECB's returned. Gillette shampoo and conditioner are $4.99 with $3 in ECB's returned. So, use your $4/1 with the "get a free shampoo coupon" and you get the razor and the shampoo free, plus CVS pays you $3 in ECB's! Great deal!

Also, if you have the $2/1 Gillette shampoo coupon from shortcuts you can do this same deal at Kroger and get paid about $2 to buy both products.

The Gillette Fusion Power razor is being discontinued so you will find these marked way down. At Kroger they are $4.76 and at CVS they are $6.00, combine this with a $4/1 coupon and the "buy a Gillette razor get a Gillette shampoo free" coupon and you get a really great deal! Has anyone else seen these marked down somewhere?


Anonymous said...

Hi can I know where you got the $4/1 couponf or the same from (sorry I am new to couponing) .

Janice said...

I saw the gift pack of these w/; a trial siza shampoo and shaving cream in the clearance @ walmart for 5.00, used the 4.00 Q for it!

lizzyjane said...

I believe the $4/1 Gillette coupon was in the P&G insert from December.

Coupon Mommie said...

My Kroger had these clearanced to $3.27 so I used the only 5 q's I had and made this a moneymaker for 5 razers & 5 shampoos! My hubby is loving me!

Carrie said...

Will your CVS let you use 2 separate manufacturer's coupons with one item? My would not.