Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Go wash your face!

I am not a face washer - never have been. I know it's gross. I admit it. I got to bed with my make up on. I just hate have to turn the water on, wait for it to get warm, get the wash cloth out of shower, find soap, scrub, take the dripping washcloth back to the shower, and then try and find a clean towel to dry my face off with. It is lazy, but it's just who I am - at least I thought it was who I am. Last Sunday during my weekly CVS run I bought Garnier face cleansing towelettes. I was sceptical, but I had a coupon and they got me some ECB's, so I bought them. Well, I am sold. I will never go to bed with make up on again. I love them! No washing, no dripping wash cloth, no waiting for warm water! They take everything off, even mascara! It smells good, and they leave my face feeling wonderful. Really, you need to go and by yourself some. I promise you'll love them.