Saturday, September 27, 2008

Finding God Over a Cup of Tea

I just spent the last 24 hours with a dear friend of mine. We used to live near each other, but were separated when my husband took a job three hours away. There is something so special about two women spending uninterrupted time together to just talk and listen. It is a very rare and special thing to have a friend that you can be real with, who accepts you whether they agree with you or not, who doesn't compete with you, or try to out do you, and genuinely just likes being with you.
I love that God designed me with the desire and the need to connect with another the way I connected with my friend this weekend. I love that He was a part of our conversation even when we weren't directly talking about Him. I love that He made me female and chooses to reveal Himself through relationships like this. I love that the part of me that longs for uninterrupted time with a friend is the part of me that's just like God. He longs to connect with me the way I long to connect with an old friend. He desires uninterrupted time with me over tea, the same way I desire it. Why? Because the desire that is in me was created from the desire that is in Him.
There is such a great understanding and like-mindedness between two female friends. Not only are we created like one another, but God created each of us like Himself. We both carry the same attributes of God: compassion, attention to detail, nurturing, beauty, emotions, and the list could go and on. While the male - female relationship holds it's own set of amazing characteristics, mostly because we compliment each other with our differences, the female bond tends to have a familiar, comfortable, more vulnerable sense to it because we understand each other through our similarities. Even though God created men and women for one another, I love that He knew women needed each other as well. Just having a male-female relationship won't give you a complete reflection of God. We need a female friendship to understand the longing to belong and to be accepted that is there when find the comfort of a real, true friend. That desire comes from God, because it is in God, and He has that same desire for us. So this is one of those "sit and think, deep thoughts" posts. Think....and then find some interrupted time, with a cup of tea and a dear friend. It is so good for the soul.