Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kids Shoes for $2.49

I got both of my kids two pairs of shoes today at Kohls. In their kids section they have a shoe clearance where some of shoes were marked down 90%, making them $2.49. I bought my 3 year old son two pairs of sandals for next year (one of which was a leather pair of Oshkosh sandals, the other was a pair of Marvel Spider man sandals that light up - it doesn't get better than that), and I got my 2 year old daughter a pair of leather Carter's sandals and a pair of Totes snow boots (they must have been leftover from last season). Go get some shoes! You will thank yourself next year.


Simone said...

I would love to get shoes for my kids for next summer on clearance, but I never know what size shoe they will be. My two year old jumped two sizes this summer alone. Do you buy bigger?

lizzyjane said...

Simone, I usually by a size bigger than what they are wearing now. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I figure for $2.49 one of my friend's kids could wear them if my kids can't. Good question.