Sunday, February 8, 2009

Make-up for $1 and Great Coupon Codes

This is a great deal! E.L.F make-up is awesome and the best part is it's only a $1 - doesn't get better than that - wait - yes it does! I have a coupon code for %50 off.
Use the code CAROLINA to receive each piece of make-up for 50 cents! You can only order up to $15 with this code so if you want more just do another transaction.

If you want bath and body %50 off than use the code BATH50. (this is only good up to $25)

There's a code for 10% which is EGTENAZ.


Coupon Codes said...

wow such cool gift for $1. This is really good.

matt and nicole said...

Thanks so much for the links and codes for e.l.f.! I've never heard of them before, but it looks like a fun site at least and I just put my first order in! You can't beat $1 make-up! =)

Stephanie said...

I use E.L.F'S mineral makeup on a daily basis and love it. The rest of their make up is good too. For a dollar the sizes aren't huge, but it's still a great bargain.