Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Swagbucks! Here's a Swag Code! ...And Another New Code!

Here's another new code for you...BirthdayBuck (not sure when this one expires so go do it now!)
Enter HappySwagDay (exactly as you see it) for 1 swagbuck!
Hurry it is only for the first 10,000

Search & Win

Today is Swagbucks birthday and to celebrate they will be giving out all kinds of swag codes today. Word has it they may even give out a $100 swagbuck! So, check facebook, twitter, and the swagbuck blog -- To learn more about how I got a $50 Gap gift card, $200 to Ticketmaster, and more....Go HERE! It's not too good to be true -- you really earn awesome gift cards just by choosing to do your everyday searching on swagbucks just like you would on google or yahoo. Try it out!


TriNi said...

Hey awesome blog!

I'm a member of a bunch of other sites.. and apparantly swagbucks too because I just tried signing up and they told me I was already a member lol.

Go figure. I don't even remember signing up but I'm definitely going to start using it more now!

Anyway I was searching for codes and I found your site! :) I love the layout btw.

Keep up the great blogging and stop by mine if you get a chance!