Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kroger Jackpot!

I really hit the jackpot at Kroger this week. I found some deals on the sale table. I've noticed several Kroger's doing this. They will pile a table with items that they's marked down and sometimes it's just because a box has been squished a little or there's a dent in a can. Here you go:

Pasta Roni: 0.49

Nature Valley sweet and salty bars: $1.69

use .50/1 (doubles)

total: 0.69

Betty Crocker fruits snacks $1.09 (2)

use .50/2 (doubles)

total: .59 each

Poptarts .99 each

use $1/1 coupon

total: .50 each

fabreeze noticiables $7.68

use $5/1 coupon plus use the loadble $5/1 coupon here

total: Free plus $2.32 overage!

Rozoni whole wheat pasta $1.34

use $1/1

total: .34