Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Under $10 Shopping Trip

Okay so I'm back in business. I've kind of taken a blogging/couponing break. I've got my hands in some other projects right now and haven't been able to find enough time in the day. Can anyone relate? So, yesterday I finally went grocery shopping for our family to pick up some things we needed for the week. Here's what I got:
Hellman's mayo
large yogurt
BBQ sauce
Ritz peanut butter crackers
2 Kashi waffles
Quaker granola bites
3.75 lbs organic, boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2 Kraft salad dressings
Fresh Express Salad mix
tortilla chips
potato chips
2 Oscar Meyer mini hot dogs

Here's the breakdown:

Kroger -- if you haven't signed up as a Kroger customer on their website -- DO IT! These coupons will mean nothing to you if you don't sign up. They send you coupons regularly in the mail and they tend to be high value if not totally FREE!

Strawberries: $1.65
use FREE coupon from Kroger
Total: FREE
Hellman's mayo: $4.99
use FREE coupon from Kroger
Total: FREE

Oscar Meyer mini hotdogs: $.99
use $1/2 coupon from Kroger
Total: $.50 each (there is also a $1/1 coupon on my side bar which would have made these FREE, dang!)

Kraft BBQ Sauce: $1.00
use coupon HERE and HERE $1/1
print 4 copies (2 with each site)
Total: Moneymaker! FREE and you will get between $2-4 off your next order depending on how many you buy.

Fresh Express Salad: $1.39
use $1/1 recent coupon
use e-coupon $1/1 HERE
Total: $.61 overage! FREE

I used my $2 coupon from the BBQ sauce and with all my overage I was able to snag eggs, yogurt, and 2 bags of chips as well. My total at Kroger was $4.13!! Whoo! ***I would also like to note that there are several $1/1 Kelloggs coupons out there and Kelloggs cereal is $1.88 this week so you could get some really cheap cereal as well.***

Now for Target -- make sure you sign up with Hot Coupon World to get all your Target store coupons which you can stack with manufacturer coupons.

Gold n Plump All Natural Chicken Breasts: $3.49 20oz.
use target coupon $1/1 HERE
use internet $1.50 HERE (print as many as you want -- same for Target q's)
Total: $.99

Quaker granola bites (single package found @ the $1 spot or at registers): $1
use $1/1 target coupon HERE
Total: FREE (there are great for the car or school lunches)

Ritz PB crackers: $2.79
use $1/1 internet coupon HERE
Total: $1.79

Kashi Honey Wheat Waffles: $1.79
use $1.50 HERE
Total: $.29

Kraft Salad Dressing: $1.59
use $1.50/1 from recent insert
use 1/2 Target coupon HERE
Total for 2: $.33 each

Total for shopping trip to Target: $5.51
The chicken was the score for this week!


Kristin said...

Good buys! Doesn't that feel the best?

~Sara said...

WOW! Great job. You did awesome. I love getting great deals like these.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have signed up on the Kroger website several months ago and am still not receiving coupons. Is there a special tab I need to go to?