Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Free Burgers from Omaha Steaks! Best Deal EVER!

As of this morning this deal is no longer available for orders under $50. I hope some of you were able to snag some free burgers. Sorry for those of you that were a little late! Maybe there will be a next time.

Okay - you really have to try this. Don't give up. It seems tedious, but it really doesn't take that long and it is so worth it. Here's the deal:

1. Go to this link here and register in the top right hand corner. This is a Geico website, but you are not signing up with them or switching insurance. You are just obtaining a user name with their website. After you've registered they will send you an email with a gift card code (this took about 6 hours for me, but others have gotten it in an hour - be patient).

2. Go to this link here and type in your email address. You should receive an email back from Omaha Steaks rather quickly.

3. After you receive your gift card code from Geico go back to your email from Omaha Steaks and clink the link to start shopping. Continue to click start shopping.

4. Look on the left side bar and click on the link for burgers. Scroll down and select 8 5oz. burgers for $12.99 (its about half way down). Continue on to checkout.

5. Fill in all your address and credit card information. In the gift card section type in the code that you received in the Geico email. And then click apply. The total should now be $1.98 (for shipping) and you will be receiving 20 amazing burgers! That's .36 cents a pound!

Thanks Catherine for showing me this deal!


Becentsable blog said...

FYI - this is no longer working...there is now a $50 required purchase to use the gift card reward!

Anonymous said...

it doesn't seem to have worked for me as I did it last night and got the email at 2:40 am this morning without any codes or links...=( thank you for the post anyway!

amy and the bad cats said...

i did this and then got the following via email today:
"We do show when placing this order, a special offer for a free item was
combined with the $25 reward card. As stated in all promotions for free
items, offers cannot be combined. Your order will ship without the free

LizzyLanguage said...

Amy, I didn't receive that email. Did anyone else? Just curious...