Thursday, November 6, 2008

Siphon the Truth - Let Go of the Junk

Yesterday someone said something that cut me deep. I've been bothered by it ever sense. Ever have something that just lurks in your mind and you can't seem to shake it? I think the reason this particular jab hurt so badly was because I knew it was partially true. I think that's probably true with most criticism. It's important that when we are criticized we learn how to siphon what part of it is true, and let go off the junk that came with it. I've heard it said this way before, "there was probably a nugget of truth in there somewhere, but the problem was it was covered up by a bunch of crap." Dig through the "crap", find the nugget of truth, and let it go. This is exactly what I need to do today - right here, right now - I'm letting go.


Melissa said...

I had a similiar experience one time, and a very wise friend told me to "take what was mine and leave the rest for them." While there is probably something the person said that is true about me, the rest of it is probably the other person's own issues.

lizzyjane said...

I love that, Melissa. Thanks for sharing!