Thursday, November 6, 2008

Delicious Dove Deal!

So here's my latest chocolate freebie! Can't get enough, I guess. I will be sharing this one with others as well...I have a few suggestions before I give the low down on this deal. First, take some scissors to the store with you, and second, do this separately from your normal grocery run. I went to Kroger this morning for our weekly trip and then went back for this freebie tonight. Also, if you can, I would suggest the Uscan machine b/c you'll need to do two transactions and you don't want people to wait while you are taking coupons out of the box. Okay, here goes...

1st Transaction
***Note for every 10 items you buy in the mega event sale you receive $5 off***

5 Dove minature icecream bars (it will say $3 of coupons inside) - $2.50

10 Nail Saver Scotch brite sponges
use$1/1 coupon here - $1.00

4 Carnation evaporated milk cans
use $1/2 coupon here - $1.00

1 Tylenol express gels
use $2/1 in this weeks RP - $2.50

Before Total= $29.00
-$10.00 (mega event sale)
-$10.00 (sponge coupons)
-$2.00 (carnation coupons)
-$2.00 (tylenol coupon)
After total: $5.00 and change

2nd Transaction

5 Pints of Dove icecream
use $2/1 copoun (found inside the icecream boxes you just bought!) - $2.00

1 Scotch small lint collector
use $1/1 coupon - $1.00

4 Nail saver scotch brite sponges
use $1/1 coupon above -$1.00

Now get yourself some fillers - I got milk, butter, and papertowels.

Before Total: $20.00 (approximately)
- $5.00 (mega sale event)
- $10.00 (Dove coupons)
-$1.00 (lint coupon)
-$4.00 (sponge coupons)
After Total: Free (you may need some more fillers to keep out of the negative)
Enjoy! Thanks Thirfty Mama for the heads up on this deal!


Dr. Mom said...

That's awesome! Just printed my sponge coupons.

Centsible Savings said...

Wish we had a Kroger! I keep seeing the awesome deals people get there! Can't beat free ice cream!

Jeremiah said...

Thanks for the info! Although the Kroger I was at didnt have dove minitaures with coupons inside. They even graciously allowed me to open one to make sure. That is ok though..I can still get 2 pints of dove ice cream free with 10 sponges!


Amber Black said...

Thanks for this post! I went and took advantage of the Dove ice cream deal...except I got Dove Ice Cream bars instead because the minis didn't have the coupons. Yum! I put a link to your site on my site to say thanks!

Christine said...

Have you ever had a problem using more than two of the same coupon in a transaction? Our Kroger said they wouldn't allow more than two... Lucky that we have two more Krogers nearby. They were both fine with me using 10 of the sponge coupons in one txn. Thanks for all the awesome deal details!

Christy said...

What a great deal on the ice cream, that is my favorite brand. I wish I had a Kroger.