Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas Gift Basket Idea

Here's a great idea for a gift basket using all the great deals I've told you about recently:

Glade oil candle holder - free @ Target (also free @ Wal-mart right now)
information here

Russell Stovers bag of chocolate - less than a $1 at CVS this week information here

Starbucks chocolate candy bar - free @ Target
information here

Archer Farms miniature coffee bags - free @ Target this week.

coupon here

2 Teasta tea sample bags - free online here
No one has to know you got it all for free! I would love this kind of gift! Have fun being creative with all this stuff.


Anonymous said...

I would be thrilled with a gift basket with those inside! Toss in a dollar store mug and an ornament and you're all set!

amy and the bad cats said...

what section of target did you find the small bags of coffee? i looked at two different targets today and couldn't find them at either.