Tuesday, December 2, 2008

End the Day with a Party

We have a daily tradition in our home. After dinner is through (and all the food has been eaten; this is a requirement) and baths have been had, my kids get to choose one sweet snack to eat at the table. They refer to this as their "party." This started last year when my husband and I found ourselves having to live with my parents for a period of time. My children would sit at the kitchen table, after their baths and have a "party" with Grammy. They would talk about their days, my sister's up coming wedding, the garden outside, and anything else a three year old mind can come up with. Since we moved out, we have continued this tradition in our home. We have a family meal together everyday, but I have found at this stage in life dinner is a bit stressful to try and have a conversation with little kids. So much of the time is spent trying to get them to eat, cleaning up spills, telling them to stop drumming on the table ...you get the idea. At our "party", they are enjoying what their eating, and seem to be very willing to converse and talk about what's on their mind. What I have also found is that my son (he is three) has learned how to have a conversation. He actually asks me about my day, and often asks me what I would like to talk about at the "party". I encourage you to try this. My kids love it; and it's a great incentive to get them to eat their dinner!