Sunday, December 14, 2008

"My Show Daddy"

After I finished painting my, almost two-year-old, daughter's nails this morning she immediately said, "My show Daddy". This is the first comment after every new outfit, new hair style, or a game of dress-up. It never fails; I am the one that spends all the time helping her, making her feel pretty, and in the end she wants to show her Daddy. Why is that? The answer is that there is something inside of every little girl that wants to please her Daddy. Not only does she want to please him, but she wants him to find pleasure in her. And, of course, her Daddy is genuinely taken aback by her every time. Why? Not because she is beautiful, but because she is his. The reason this is found in every girl is because it is a desire God has placed in each of us. Yes, we want to please our earthly fathers, but that desire comes out of our innate desire to please our Heavenly Father. Not only do we want to please Him, but oh, how we want Him to find pleasure in us as well. During this Christmas season, I challenge you to present yourself before your Heavenly Father and say "My show Daddy". He will find pleasure in what he sees, not because of your beauty, but because you are HIS.